Our Aircraft

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American Spirit Tours, LLC operates the Airbus (Eurocopter) AS350 Astar helicopter, which is the leading tour helicopter used throughout the world.  Our Astars are equipped with 6 forward facing passenger seats and large panoramic windows, so everyone has a great view.  All of our aircraft are equipped with VIP interiors, including leather seats and air conditioning.

Our pilots are some of the most qualified anywhere, and undergo continual training which include annual company and FAA checkrides, quarterly computer-based training modules (CTS), and annual simulator training.  No other company flying in the Grand Canyon (and only a few outside of the Grand Canyon) offer the level of pilot training we do.

Our maintenance staff is comprised of highly experienced technicians with years spent working on the aircraft we fly.  Our technicians undergo continual training similar to our pilots, but geared towards maintenance.  As a result, our aircraft are maintained to the highest factory standards possible.

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